Tips for Condo Investors: Getting to Know Some Popular San Diego Downtown Neighborhoods

Downtown San Diego has become very popular among property investors. Many people prefer to live in the downtown area so as to get close to all the modern enjoyments of city life. In such a place, you can enjoy enhanced shopping experience, great scenery of the Seaport Village and exciting nightlife, not to mention an array of theaters, galleries and restaurants. There are several famous neighborhoods in Downtown San Diego.

Gaslamp Quarter: This neighborhood in the south of the core business center symbolizes the great efforts of the city to make the landscape as colorful as possible. It is home to over100 restaurants, 100 retailers and 150 professional services and thousands of residents. As one of the jewels of San Diego life and landscape, it is expanding all the time to accept more settlers.

Columbia: It is the entrance to the downtown area from San Diego Bay. Housing some of the best condo complexes, such as Bayside and Electra, Columbia is no longer the pure commercial area it used to be. More condominium buildings have been set up over the past few years and it continues to grow at rapid pace.

Core: As is suggested by the name, this neighborhood located in the heart of downtown San Diego is the central business district, brimmed with government agencies and commercial businesses. More vacant buildings are now converted into high-tech offices and residential areas to provide residence to more people.

East Village: Metropolitan, one of the top 10 luxury condos in North America, finds its presence in this southeastern neighborhood. It is renowned as the crown jewel in the city’s development and is home to many residential loft units, retailers and hotels. The new Ballpark District, which boasts Petco Park, is also to be found here.


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