Looking for Kid-Friendly Tourism Destination? San Diego, California Is for You!

Are you still wondering where your children can have a most happy and joyous vacation? You want not only amusement parks or children’s museums, but also some educational places and activities so that they can learn something while playing and then fall in love with study. Well, San Diego, the second largest city in California, is the perfect for such a trip.

Balboa Park minutes from the downtown area houses a range of museums, art centers, historic buildings as well as a botanical garden and a zoo. Both you and your kids will have an enjoyable time inside, analyzing the rare plants, playing with mild animals and touring around museums. Some rare and endangered animals will also be seen in the zoo safari park here. Besides, the Science Center will stimulate great interests in science and encourage kids to learn and study.

Point Loma is the prefect place for a splendid overlooking view of the city. If you arrive here before it is dark, you will see parks, museums, architectures and Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay and everything occurring below. The peninsula itself has a great many to show, including a national monument, a national cemetery and two military bases. It is described as “where California began”.

If you kids are old enough, you can try to take part in a Segway tour. This is the ideal way to see the city since many areas, which generally include Balboa Park, Petco Park, USS Midway and other very popular areas, are covered within a short time, say, two and a half hours. Thus, you can not only enjoy the views of the city, but also become integrated with it and make yourselves a beautiful scene of San Diego. Can you image how your kids will enjoy such a tour?

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