Best of San Diego Condos: Condominium Tower

Built with the concept of “Smart Loft”, Condominium Tower is a multipurpose high-rise completed in 2007. The building has 19 storeys and 301 units with a unique terrace on the 20th floor. For anyone who wants to find a home in Downtown San Diego, Condominium Tower is the beat choice. At Condominium Tower, residents can enjoy a live – work – play lifestyle.

Please follow our article to see what Condominium Tower has prepared for you. Then you can decide whether Condominium Tower is the right place for you, or you can learn about some important things that you have to pay attention to while buying a condo.

1. Condominium Tower is located in the Core District of Downtown San Diego, which means its residents will have convenient lifestyles. Most people prefer a home with easy access to basics and necessities, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, post offices and more. With amazing restaurants, premier shops and banks abound, residents of Condominium Tower can walk to these destinations at ease. There is also a retail space on the ground floor of the building, where residents could buy almost everything without even going out. The San Diego stop is just steps away from the building entry, which makes getting around Downtown San Diego easily.

2. Condominium Tower has several floor plans to offer, which is flexible and feasible. With a variety of floor plans, homebuyers will have more selections on condos. In modern society, home can reflect its owner’s taste and attitudes towards life. Almost each homeowner likes his home to be unique and personalized. In Condominium Tower, the floor plans are studios, one-bedroom units and two-bedroom units, which cater to different needs on homes. If you are not sure about which floor plan is suitable for you, you can ask the Sales Representative for help. They are kind enough to offer you necessary directions on choosing floor plans.

3. Most Condominium Tower condos are available for rental, and tenants enjoy the same benefits of homeowners. But with $1484 monthly, you’ll be able to own a condo at Condominium Tower. You can enjoy a 0.5%-3.5% down and California State Tax Credits as well as other incentives. So why rent when you can own one? Condominium Tower condos are priced from $150,000 to $500, 000 approximately. You can have dynamic views of lively Downtown San Diego from the home at Condominium Tower from now. For more detailed information, please call the Sales Representative.

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