Come to Appreciate the Great San Diego Attractions and Enrich Yourself

When it comes to tourism, many people can’t help thinking of San Diego, a popular and unsurpassed California tourism city. This is the final destination for millions of tourists from home and abroad. You need to pay a visit to this city by yourself to fully appreciate its Spanish Colonial vibe, vibrant urban core and uniqueness.

1. Balboa Park: It houses a great many famous sub-attractions, like gardens, galleries, museums and a zoo, making it a historical, horticultural, recreational and educational destination. You can witness many rare plants and animals in the botanical garden and San Diego Zoo.

2. Mission Beach: This is not only a tourism attraction, but also a kind of lifestyle. You can walk along the beach to enjoy the warm sunshine and soft breeze, or you can also sail, swim, surf and dive to your heart’s content. Life is quite simple here, no more complicated than building a sandcastle. You may get a lot of pleasure and feel yourself a child again by building sandcastles and splashing water here.


Mission Beach

3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve: If you prefer some quiet and tranquil place, this one within the city limits makes a good choice. This reserve is one of the wildest stretches of land on the Southern California coast and home to one of the nation’s rarest pine trees. The thousands acres of land here is laid aside undeveloped, so that you can see the original appearance of the city hundreds of years ago.

4. Gaslamp Quarter: An ancient and contemporary neighborhood in the downtown area with scenic views and profound history vibe. You can get integrated into the local life and get to know the real aspect of life in San Diego. There are many fabulous shopping and dining destinations here, offering all kinds of goods and cruises.

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