Tour Guide – San Diego International Airport Parking Facilities

You must have known something about the San Diego International Airport. Yes! It is a very famous international airport in the United States. San Diego International Airport is very small and takes up only 661 acres of land. But the truth is that it is among the busiest international airports in the country. San Diego International Airport is also the busiest single-runway in the United States and the second busiest one in the entire world.

Parking at San Diego International Airport is not a difficult thing because this great airport provides various choices for visitors to park their vehicle. At San Diego International Airport there are three separate parking lots which offer more than three thousand and two hundred parking spaces for passengers. There are many free shuttles at this place. People can easily avail these shuttles to get to all the parking locations within this airport.

Of course people have to pay some money for the parking at San Diego International Airport, but the rates are not very expensive. If you park your car at this place for a long time, you are asked to pay $21 for each day. For short term parking, people need to pay only $2 to $4 for an hour. People can clearly see the parking fees that are posted at every parking lot at San Diego International Airport.

As for the parking fees, you can pay directly with cash or with your credit cards. San Diego International Airport has set up some ATMs at each terminal for your reference. You have to keep your tickets very carefully, for they are important things for you to pay for the parking rates. Take your tickets with you and then use the automated express parking pay stations to pay for the rates. You are also allowed to pay at the staffed payment booths at the exit gate.


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