Top List of Famous San Diego Vacation Rentals

Nowadays, more and more people are tending to choose the vacation rental houses to stay when they are traveling to San Diego. Frankly speaking, staying at a vacation rental home is really much better than checking in at a hotel. A vacation rental will cost you less, give you more privacy and offer you more beautiful scenery. Once you have stayed at a vacation rental house in San Diego, you will look forward to a second visit. In this article we are going to show you some recommended vacation rental houses within the city of San Diego. You will get a lot of useful information from this article!

1. Oceanside

Oceanside is a recommended location for people to find quality vacation rental houses in the city of San Diego. Located just three miles off the famous Pacific coastline, Oceanside is a famous beach town. This place is home to the historic Highway 101 and the popular Mission San Luis Rey. Oceanside features one of the most comfortable climates across the world, which makes it possible for people to do anything at anytime. You will be sure to fond of the life within this place.

2. Gaslamp Quarter

As the most important entertainment district in the Southern California, Gaslamp Quarter boasts a wide variety of dining, shopping and recreation places. You can also find many fine art galleries and live performance theaters within this place. Here in Gaslamp Quarter visitors can enjoy a truly eclectic blend of food, fun and culture. Staying at a vacation rental home in this city can help you get easy access to all the wonderful amenities in this place.

3. Encinitas

Positioned just twenty five miles north of the San Diego city, Encinitas is a popular coastal beach city which is most well known for the native ornamental flowers. There are many kinds of great points of interest in this place, such as the Lux Art Institute, San Diego Botanic Garden, Moonlight Beach and historic La Paloma Theater. The vacation rental houses in this place are also very wonderful and reasonably priced, which will be sure to please you!

Botanic Garden

4. Bungalow on the Bay

Bungalow on the Bay is a great place which is equipped with great amenities as well as friendly services. It is just steps off the shores of the bay and is very close to many enchanting and beautiful sceneries. In this place you are sure to enjoy a warm coastal retreat vacation. Most of the vacation rental houses fabulous and are equipped with great kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, bathrooms, TVs, DVDs and many other facilities that you need in daily life.b

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