An Exciting Day in San Diego Vineyards Sublimates Your Travel to San Diego

If you are planning a travel to San Diego, CA, a wine tour is necessary for the integrity of your travel. When it comes to the wine tours in San Diego, the Temecula Valley is brought to mind in the first place. There are some world-renowned wineries and about 21 vineyards in Temecula Valley. Whenever you come, you can meet some interesting award-winning events. These events are held by the winemakers annually to attract visitors from all over the world.

One of the most influential events about wine is a wine tasting event that is held in the months of March and May. In this event, people are allowed to taste many different kinds of wines from America. This is great for wine-lovers! Besides, you have the chance to get touch with the best wines with the help of the winemakers. One popular kind of contest is that visitors can get a prize only if they know the answer to the question.

In summer, there is a wine event that is called the Winemakers’ Gold Dinner. Visitors who participate this dinner can propose the best dishes that match the wines that will be served.

The best way to make clear how green grapes are made into premium wines is going to the wineries. And a small private shuttle is available in this excursion. After your visit, lunch is offered by the winemakers. And a sunset barbecue is prepared for some special guests. You can find also hot balloon tours accessible from the vineyards for tourists to make their travel memorable.

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