Have you well arranged your coming vacation? If you have not got a good idea about where to go, you had better go to the Mission Beach for a happy visit.

As a good tourist spot, Mission Beach is becoming more and more popular. This place is best designed for the volleyball lovers. At the same time, travelers can also enjoy a lot of other activities there, such as, swimming, bicycling and surfing as well as swimming. The biking trail, restaurants and bars, shops and joggers’ track are all good places for people to have a good time while they are traveling there.

mission-beachIf you are a volleyball fan and want to play the beach volleyball with your friends or family members, Mission Beach will be your best choice. There are matches organized for amateurs as well as professional players. Even though you are not familiar with the volleyball rules or playing skills, you can learn a lot from watching the games or talking with the volleyball connoisseurs.
The latest volleyball tournaments information can be found on the local listings and on the official website of the tournament community. Spectators will have the chance to enjoy every game if they have time. What is more, no entree fee is needed for watching the tournaments.

All the members of the tournament community can join any of the volleyball tournaments in this area. If you want to apply for a membership of the community, you should fill up a form which can reflect your experience and interest. If you are not a local of this area, you had better apply for a short-term membership. For the residents, they can choose to become a life-time member of this community.

If you are considering an exciting holiday vacation to the San Diego area, the Volleyball Scene at Mission Beach will be the very place you are looking for so long.


You must have known something about the San Diego International Airport. Yes! It is a very famous international airport in the United States. San Diego International Airport is very small and takes up only 661 acres of land. But the truth is that it is among the busiest international airports in the country. San Diego International Airport is also the busiest single-runway in the United States and the second busiest one in the entire world.

Parking at San Diego International Airport is not a difficult thing because this great airport provides various choices for visitors to park their vehicle. At San Diego International Airport there are three separate parking lots which offer more than three thousand and two hundred parking spaces for passengers. There are many free shuttles at this place. People can easily avail these shuttles to get to all the parking locations within this airport.

Of course people have to pay some money for the parking at San Diego International Airport, but the rates are not very expensive. If you park your car at this place for a long time, you are asked to pay $21 for each day. For short term parking, people need to pay only $2 to $4 for an hour. People can clearly see the parking fees that are posted at every parking lot at San Diego International Airport.

As for the parking fees, you can pay directly with cash or with your credit cards. San Diego International Airport has set up some ATMs at each terminal for your reference. You have to keep your tickets very carefully, for they are important things for you to pay for the parking rates. Take your tickets with you and then use the automated express parking pay stations to pay for the rates. You are also allowed to pay at the staffed payment booths at the exit gate.


San Diego is a great city full of all kinds of high-grade condos. Choosing a proper house for your dear family may not be an easy job. If you plan to buy a house in the downtown area of San Diego, you can miss the Electra Condominiums which can be regarded as the tallest residential building there.

As the neighbor of Columbia, Electra is exactly positioned at the crossroads of Kettner Boulevard and Broadway. Therefore, these condos enjoy both a convenient transportation and modern public facilities. The special designs of the windows in the lower floors are that of the original building. When you catch sight of them, you are sure to like them, because they are really special and retro-chic. People who are fond of the beautiful scenery of the bay spot will be well pleased by the location of these houses. From every floor they will be able to acquire the panoramic and spectacular view of the different city landscapes.

The services provided in these condos are really admirable. The residents can enjoy almost all the services for 24 hours. The gymnasiums, private meeting room as well as the fireplace and roof deck are available to people living there. There are many special services as well, such as, the BBQ, spa, sauna and steam room. The safety can be guaranteed by the 24 hour concierge. As for the parking lots, people who have cars need not worry either. The covered and uncovered parking places can be found in each unit.

Because more and more people want to experience the thrill to reside in the tallest residential building, the condos were sold out within a short span of time. Different room types will have different prices. In general, the price is from $500,000 to $2,500,000.


It is known to all that the city – San Diego is a great and famous city full of all kinds of attractions and places of interest. The Natural History Museum is among the top attractions within this city. Set up in the late nineteenth century, it is a must-see tourist attraction in the city. However, the high price of it really fails lots of travelers. If you are among them, this article which will give you a guide to get the discount coupon of this terrific museum really deserves your attention.

Interesting Things to Do in Natural History Museum
As one of the oldest museum in this city, the San Diego Natural History Museum has a wide range of exhibits. There, you can enjoy a variety of the gemstones, fossils, ancient art and sculpture as well as the dioramas and models. If you are a person who is interested in the natural history, you will be bound to enjoy yourselves there. At the same time, many short films on the 3D Dolby Digital screen are also available to the traveler.

The Price of This Museum
If you plan to travel in San Diego Natural History Museum, you had better pay attention to the admission tickets, because the price of it is quite high. In general, the adults should pay $17 for a ticket. For senior citizens and children, $15 will do. Although all the activities there are included, the price is a little pricey.

 How to Get a Discount Coupon
Similar to other attractions, travelers can visit their official website and get the discount coupons. If you want to use these coupons that will help you save $2-3 on every ticket, please do remember to print them and bring along with you. You are asked to show it to the museum officers when you purchase a ticket.

Hope your travel to the San Diego Natural History Museum a happy and unforgettable journey.


When it comes to tourism, many people can’t help thinking of San Diego, a popular and unsurpassed California tourism city. This is the final destination for millions of tourists from home and abroad. You need to pay a visit to this city by yourself to fully appreciate its Spanish Colonial vibe, vibrant urban core and uniqueness.

1. Balboa Park: It houses a great many famous sub-attractions, like gardens, galleries, museums and a zoo, making it a historical, horticultural, recreational and educational destination. You can witness many rare plants and animals in the botanical garden and San Diego Zoo.

2. Mission Beach: This is not only a tourism attraction, but also a kind of lifestyle. You can walk along the beach to enjoy the warm sunshine and soft breeze, or you can also sail, swim, surf and dive to your heart’s content. Life is quite simple here, no more complicated than building a sandcastle. You may get a lot of pleasure and feel yourself a child again by building sandcastles and splashing water here.


Mission Beach

3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve: If you prefer some quiet and tranquil place, this one within the city limits makes a good choice. This reserve is one of the wildest stretches of land on the Southern California coast and home to one of the nation’s rarest pine trees. The thousands acres of land here is laid aside undeveloped, so that you can see the original appearance of the city hundreds of years ago.

4. Gaslamp Quarter: An ancient and contemporary neighborhood in the downtown area with scenic views and profound history vibe. You can get integrated into the local life and get to know the real aspect of life in San Diego. There are many fabulous shopping and dining destinations here, offering all kinds of goods and cruises.


Built with the concept of “Smart Loft”, Condominium Tower is a multipurpose high-rise completed in 2007. The building has 19 storeys and 301 units with a unique terrace on the 20th floor. For anyone who wants to find a home in Downtown San Diego, Condominium Tower is the beat choice. At Condominium Tower, residents can enjoy a live – work – play lifestyle.

Please follow our article to see what Condominium Tower has prepared for you. Then you can decide whether Condominium Tower is the right place for you, or you can learn about some important things that you have to pay attention to while buying a condo.

1. Condominium Tower is located in the Core District of Downtown San Diego, which means its residents will have convenient lifestyles. Most people prefer a home with easy access to basics and necessities, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, post offices and more. With amazing restaurants, premier shops and banks abound, residents of Condominium Tower can walk to these destinations at ease. There is also a retail space on the ground floor of the building, where residents could buy almost everything without even going out. The San Diego stop is just steps away from the building entry, which makes getting around Downtown San Diego easily.

2. Condominium Tower has several floor plans to offer, which is flexible and feasible. With a variety of floor plans, homebuyers will have more selections on condos. In modern society, home can reflect its owner’s taste and attitudes towards life. Almost each homeowner likes his home to be unique and personalized. In Condominium Tower, the floor plans are studios, one-bedroom units and two-bedroom units, which cater to different needs on homes. If you are not sure about which floor plan is suitable for you, you can ask the Sales Representative for help. They are kind enough to offer you necessary directions on choosing floor plans.

3. Most Condominium Tower condos are available for rental, and tenants enjoy the same benefits of homeowners. But with $1484 monthly, you’ll be able to own a condo at Condominium Tower. You can enjoy a 0.5%-3.5% down and California State Tax Credits as well as other incentives. So why rent when you can own one? Condominium Tower condos are priced from $150,000 to $500, 000 approximately. You can have dynamic views of lively Downtown San Diego from the home at Condominium Tower from now. For more detailed information, please call the Sales Representative.


Once you have ever been to San Diego, you will be impressed by the great number of free and fun activities it boasts. If you are fond of travel and great things, then you had better pay a visit to the city of San Diego, which is really a paradise for tourists from all around the world.

Many Kinds of Fun and Free Things:

Here in the city of San Diego, people can easily find out many kinds of great activities and fun things to do. Some of the amenities in this place are even free to all the visitors. Now we will spot some wonderful activities for you!

The most famous thing that you have to do in San Diego is watching the Annual Grey Whale Migration. The Annual Grey Whale Migration enjoys a very famous reputation in this city and is even quite well known in the world. What’s more, this great view is totally free! You will never spend any money on this amazing grey whales show! The cruise ships will give you an ultimate splendid grey whale tour!

Old Town is a very famous travel place within San Diego city. It is just located in the downtown areas and receives a large number of visitors every year. In this place people can find precious antiques and items. Built in the mid eighteenth century, the Old Town is a Spanish place and people can see many kinds of authentic Spanish items here. If you are looking for great Spanish amenities, you can still get some in San Diego in this town.

Beautiful San Diego City:

Known as a famous holiday destination, San Diego is a very beautiful city. It is the second largest city in California State and the eighth biggest one in the United States. Whenever you come to San Diego and whatever things you want to enjoy, San Diego will never fail you!


Are you still wondering where your children can have a most happy and joyous vacation? You want not only amusement parks or children’s museums, but also some educational places and activities so that they can learn something while playing and then fall in love with study. Well, San Diego, the second largest city in California, is the perfect for such a trip.

Balboa Park minutes from the downtown area houses a range of museums, art centers, historic buildings as well as a botanical garden and a zoo. Both you and your kids will have an enjoyable time inside, analyzing the rare plants, playing with mild animals and touring around museums. Some rare and endangered animals will also be seen in the zoo safari park here. Besides, the Science Center will stimulate great interests in science and encourage kids to learn and study.

Point Loma is the prefect place for a splendid overlooking view of the city. If you arrive here before it is dark, you will see parks, museums, architectures and Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay and everything occurring below. The peninsula itself has a great many to show, including a national monument, a national cemetery and two military bases. It is described as “where California began”.

If you kids are old enough, you can try to take part in a Segway tour. This is the ideal way to see the city since many areas, which generally include Balboa Park, Petco Park, USS Midway and other very popular areas, are covered within a short time, say, two and a half hours. Thus, you can not only enjoy the views of the city, but also become integrated with it and make yourselves a beautiful scene of San Diego. Can you image how your kids will enjoy such a tour?


Proudly located in the downtown area of San Diego, Horton Plaza is now a landmark shopping mall with a wide variety of shops and stores. This five-storied vibrant outdoor shopping place is always the first choice if you mean to get a fabulous and unique shopping experience.

Once a major public transit center and home to a substantial homeless population, this building was redeveloped in 1985. It now becomes San Diego’s must see shopping destination, which covers an area of six and a half blocks with a festive European atmosphere. Many people are attracted here, a neighbor of the historic Gaslamp Quarter, by its strikingly bright color and unique architectural style.

This mall features more than 100 upscale and mid-level stores and shops, which are sure to endow you with a truly great experience. Macy’s and Nordstrom, two household chained stores in the nation, are the major anchor stores while Louis Vuitton, BCBG, Bebe, Steve & Barry’s and Levi’s Store serve as the signature shops. So when you are here, you are doing business with some of the world’s most famous brands. As to merchandise, you name it, and are certain to find it in this shopping mall. Besides, a large percentage of the goods are branded names, too.

Some people always worry about parking when they are shopping. You can rid yourself of such worries at this plaza, since as long as you make a purchase, you will be granted a ticket which enables to park 3 hours here for free and an extra hour if you dine or watch movie in this mall. So you can just wander about in this paradise and enjoy an unsurpassed shopping experience.


Downtown San Diego has become very popular among property investors. Many people prefer to live in the downtown area so as to get close to all the modern enjoyments of city life. In such a place, you can enjoy enhanced shopping experience, great scenery of the Seaport Village and exciting nightlife, not to mention an array of theaters, galleries and restaurants. There are several famous neighborhoods in Downtown San Diego.

Gaslamp Quarter: This neighborhood in the south of the core business center symbolizes the great efforts of the city to make the landscape as colorful as possible. It is home to over100 restaurants, 100 retailers and 150 professional services and thousands of residents. As one of the jewels of San Diego life and landscape, it is expanding all the time to accept more settlers.

Columbia: It is the entrance to the downtown area from San Diego Bay. Housing some of the best condo complexes, such as Bayside and Electra, Columbia is no longer the pure commercial area it used to be. More condominium buildings have been set up over the past few years and it continues to grow at rapid pace.

Core: As is suggested by the name, this neighborhood located in the heart of downtown San Diego is the central business district, brimmed with government agencies and commercial businesses. More vacant buildings are now converted into high-tech offices and residential areas to provide residence to more people.

East Village: Metropolitan, one of the top 10 luxury condos in North America, finds its presence in this southeastern neighborhood. It is renowned as the crown jewel in the city’s development and is home to many residential loft units, retailers and hotels. The new Ballpark District, which boasts Petco Park, is also to be found here.